We specialise in placing individuals into Jobs and Apprenticeships in media, advertising, marketing, creative industries, graphic design and more. Our portfolio of clients provide unique access to contacts in the film and music industries allowing us to help open doors for you.

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We offer a unique Apprenticeship Agency Model - placing apprenticeships into real work allowing them to gain experience in a number of different areas but also ensuring that you get the best skilled person for your organisation.

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We provide full time, part time, fixed term and temporary personal for the industry from all backgrounds including long term experienced individuals as well as entry level roles.

Key Point 3

Through our sister companies NXG Training, NXG Connect and NXG Entertainment, we are in a unique position to have delivered education, skills, advisory and corporate initiatives to a wide variety of clients, laying the foundations for NXG Employ – our bespoke recruitment service.

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  • We have some of the top media and creative roles in London, the South East and East Anglia.
  • We’ll never put you forward for a role without telling you first and we make sure that we feedback to you at all stages
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  • Do you have a creative, media or marketing role that you need to fill?
  • Need to fill a quality position quickly?
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