NXG Employ is a bespoke training and employment agency which caters for the creative arts, music, film, digital media, marketing, live performance and enterprise sectors’ Through our sister companies NXG Training, NXG Connect, and NXG Entertainment we are the only agency that bridges the gap between the classroom and the industry. Some of the types of positions we help recruit for include:

  • Marketing and administration executives
  • Website/software developers in the creative arts
  • Radio/Camera assistants
  • Support Engineers
  • Performing artists
  • Project Support officers

We offer the following three product lines:

Product Cost
An Apprenticeships Agency No cost to you
Job brokerage Based on the salary available for a specific role
Flat fee recruitment Starting from £450

An Apprenticeships Agency: Over 130,000 businesses across the UK offer Apprenticeship places because they recognise their effectiveness at increasing productivity, improving business performance and ensuring a committed and competent workforce. As an employer you will benefit from subsidised value added training tailored to your organisations requirements. You will also gain from having motivated, skilled and well trained apprentices. Your apprentice will receive relevant industry training that can have an immediate impact on your organisation and you are involved every step of the way in planning their training programme that meets the requirements of your business.

We have a unique Apprenticeship Agency Model:

  • Through our sister company NXG Training we find specific apprentices for your industry unlike other agencies we come from a training background and already have links with relevant training providers and colleges.
  • Moreover; we also deliver Apprenticeships ourselves and hence know what it takes.
  • We have multiple opportunities with employers for short term and long term Apprenticeship positions, this means that you don’t have to just commit to one apprentice for the duration of their apprenticeship if they are not right for your organisation.
  • You can rest assured we will work with other employers to ensure that an Apprentice finds a position adequate for them if you find for any reason that they are not right for you.
  • Furthermore; due to the nature of our model you may also find that many of our apprentices already have some work experience from previous employers.


Job Brokerage: We provide full time, part time, temporary and contract staff for all kinds of positions in a niche area ensuring our focus is on the needs of your organisation and the industry. We have no hidden costs or administration fees and we will ensure that any package is delivered to the needs of your organisation and the specific positions you are recruiting for.

  • Bespoke customer service – We’re not just any recruitment agency but we are also a training provider so we have an employer led approach which ensures that candidates are up-skilled in relevant roles.
  • The Ideal Job – We have some of the top media and creative roles.
  • Account Management – when you work with us you will benefit from a dedicated Account Manager who you can communicate with every step of the way pre and post placement.
  • Transparency – We will ensure that we are clear with you regarding the roles you have available and whether we can meet your expectations.
  • Quality Assurance  – Our work is quality examined through external assessors and internal processes, this ensures that high standards are met at all times. We have stringent quality processes and are one of a handful of agencies who have a dedicated Quality Manager who is impartial.


Flat fee recruitment: We understand that in the sectors we operate in, who you know and being seen is vitally important. For a one off flat recruitment fee we can post your job on our website and that of leading recruitment agencies this comes with the following:

  • Your job with your name and logo displayed, posted to the top 5 job boards.
  • Promote your company employer brand Increase quality of relevant applicants.
  • Maximise the exposure of your role and increase your success rate.
  • Monitoring of any expression of interests and feedback on search engine performance.
  • Jobs can be posted for 50 days.
  • We can also advertise multiple jobs at a discounted rate.

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